Let's make 2023 the year you become truly Iconic, Dominate Your Niche and Land Career Defining Deals

I've said it before and I will say it again, 

for the icon, pricing is irrelevant...

It has been proven over and over in my work with the most exceptional humans on the planet. The ones whose bigness never had enough space at the table. Whose bold ideas fizzled out after having been boxed in by mundane definitions of success. Icons have an inner knowing that they are destined for greatness - but all too often they have gone to great pains to water down their excellence. That is where I come in.

My team and I have worked with hundreds of successful Iconic personal brands all over the world.

Our strategies work.

They are simple.



Economically resilient.

But the thing I get thanked for the most is for inspiring the reconnection of an extraordinary person to their inner Icon.

The gratitude goes both ways.
There is nothing I love more than activating Icons.

And I have a treat for you!


Redefine influence.

Becoming an Iconic Influencer is the single most effective way to land major deals and clients.

Now, before you run for the hills, take a moment to hear me out. If you think that being an influencer is all about selfies in bikinis on Instagram and weird dancing Tik Toks, then you’ve only been introduced to the world of mainstream influencers.




They are the ones...
Landing Netflix and publishing deals.

Collaborating with their favorite major retailers and brands on launches and events.

Working with celebrities, royalty and billionaires.

Leveraging millions of podcast downloads to make millions of dollars in cash.

Building legacy and wealth for their families.

Turning their personal brand into an empire.
This can be you, just like my clients below.
"I Sold a $400k Offer in Week One."
“I just want to share the HUGE breakthrough that happened today. I identified the perfect client. After some in-depth discussions, she not only signed but requested to INCREASE the commission to have me handle more parts of it. Now I can absolutely see exactly what my 1 million offer looks like. I am not even a week into working with this team. To say my world has changed is the ultimate understatement! I AM SO EXCITED!”


"1M in two offers - done!"
“My original dream was to have a Family Office. This is accelerating now into reality. In the last two weeks, we have signed TWO clients at $500K each. So, we've just secured $1M in highly profitable, booked revenue.”


"A Lead Role, $25K and $50K In One Week!"
“Just wanted to share some good news from all this work we are doing here. I just booked a lead role in another film and have an offer for a TV show as well, all on the same day! In the past two weeks after finishing "The Personal Style Guide" I've booked a new photo shoot, have gotten new headshot photos done, made a $25k offer and a $50k offer to two different clients and am being flown down to Miami to be a special guest at a magazine party. Thank you Kathryn Porritt, your team and everyone here who continues to inspire me which has helped create all this abundance!” 


You are invited to apply to become one of us


"I Sold a $111K Pay in Full Offer"
“I had my first ever yes for a $111K pay in full. He's beyond excited and I sent him details of his bespoke transformational experience. This whole process to get to this point was incredibly liberating and I feel SO excited for all the other clients too as I know how to have DREAM transformational experiences for my clients.”

StaceY, Life Transformation Strategist

"I Just Secured a $63 Million Deal."
“I’m in a “pinch me” moment. I have 3 Billionaires that I connected with and all agreed to work with me. 2 of the 3 Billionaires are now my “lines of credit” and will back me in all the deals I do (within the acquisition criteria @ least $20 Million!). Along with some other details, I am part of a $63 Million US dollar deal. Thank you to my 100K family!” 

SophiA, Real Estate Investor

"dream clients and multi-millions."
"I started working with Kathryn when I was about six months into my programs. I had hand drawn models, and ugly branding and my offers were all over the shop. I did not have it together. I partnered with Kathryn and everything has shifted, I now have a multi-million dollar business, I am working with my dream clients on dream projects, I’m in the media and I have so much freedom. Kathryn, I cannot tell you how much I adore and love you. What you have given me has been this amazing world that I've been able to create. What Kathryn says works. I am the living testament to that. "

tina paterson, consultant and author

"The Best in the Marketing Business"
“Kathryn is the best marketing mind that I have ever worked with in 25 years of running businesses.  We were stuck in the mud in terms of desired growth, only emphasizing social media campaigns. She did this with her focused approach on our avatar customer and creative marketing strategies we actually felt great about, rather than asking us to raise our game on social media platforms. Super refreshing after years of getting the opposite advice form marketing firms that could not move the needle."


"100k is Just the Beginning"
"I saw you, Kathryn and knew that this is the woman who was going to extract the best of me, so that I can bring my next move to life. The layers have been stripped away, and I realized that my greatest asset is my most raw, real self. I didn’t even realize I could be doing things this way - I was caught up in traditional coaching. Now, I’m offering 100K+ offers as an organic expression of my true genius. So I thank you for seeing me and activating me and providing this environment. I have nothing but excitement and flow and luxury ahead."


"In the first few minutes of meeting you, you changed my life. When I first saw your work and training, everything I knew for seventeen years in this game of sales changed. I went from transactional selling to truly transformational selling and I’m now working with my most exciting clients ever and they’re investing 100k+ with me with ease, and I’m giving my family the best life possible. Thank you, Kathryn."


"500k and Million Dollar Offers"
“We had a good mainstream business with Girl Director but you saw the bigger picture for us, which is the super high end film production, which reconnected me to my passion. I now know how to present myself to investors and we’re now landing $500k, million dollar deals. The initial $100k deals are still fun, but we’re now into career–defining projects that are so deeply important to us with Impact Films. It’s been you, Kathryn and your community of Icons and your amazing team who have opened our eyes to this and enabled this to be our reality. 

Michael hole and rachel dunn, impact films

"I Am Never Playing Small Again!"
“I’ve been in the clinical psychology space for nearly 28 years. I created a six-figure business but I knew there was more to me, more than I was doing on my own, more than clinical hours and consultations. When I found Kathryn, I suddenly knew everything was possible. My brand is limitless - and even though that was scary at first, I knew the truth. It was time for me to become Iconic. I am never playing small again. You gave me permission to be limitless and provided the safe place for me to dream and act and be. Embody the person you desire to become and join Kathryn’s programs now.” 


"The Magic is Real!"
“We were mainstream business coaches selling $6500 to $15,000 products, and really helping people create lucrative magical businesses, and when I first found Kathryn, I couldn’t believe people were selling at this level! When I joined, everything started to elevate. I just saw the possibilities because everyone else around us was doing it. In Iconic Personal Brand, everything changed dramatically - our brand, our messaging, our offers - now we are truly luxury. Be ready for the change inside of these groups - it’s real!” 


"Working With Kathryn Will Change Your Life."
“I was just trying to navigate a world of the mass market, and I was “successful”, but knowing I was the best in the world at what I did, I absolutely knew I was not reaching my possibilities completely. Now, I am charging hundreds of thousands in each transaction thanks to you, Kathryn. I have such an audacious vision of what I want to do in the world, and I feel so much confidence and so much alignment that now just attracts people to me automatically. You’re some crazy magician, Kathryn. I am so glad I found you.” 


"I wasn’t ready to speak my truth, and I knew Kathryn could teach me how."
“I’m a film and TV actor, but after leaving a leading role on a show I wanted to start building my empire. So I started an elite performance coaching business for young performers breaking into the global industry, and built another business as a VIP vocal coach for seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs. When I first saw Kathryn’s work, I was looking for a way to up-level. 

As soon as I joined, I saw that the Iconic Personal Branding course creates a platform and space for bolstering and nurturing. Kathryn urges everyone in it to think big, push to the maximum reach of what they want to achieve. The course itself forces you to look at every aspect of intentionality around becoming an icon. Being “one of the best” doesn't cut it. There’s no playing small. What Kathryn gets us to think about with conviction is where we're truly unique. And even if that's a tiny niche, she helps us figure out how to own that niche.

The best thing is this work is really for everyone. Do you have brilliance within you? Do you have star capacity? If you're an expert at anything, being within this container will bolster your self-worth. If you know in your soul that you've got a gift or a calling, and if your courage is greater than your fear then this is the place for you. If you want to die proud, knowing that you've stretched to your maximum capacity, Kathryn is your lady. She and her team think big, and they'll show you how to stop living like there's a limit to what you can accomplish.” 


This is your HOME. The home of experts, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, executives, founders… all who are elite in their space and who KNOW deep in their hearts that there is more they OUGHT to be doing:

Landing much bigger deals, and with more ease and flow than they are right now…

Working with far more exciting and value aligned brands than they are right now…

Commanding loads more money doing what they love than they are right now…

Feeling exponentially more joy in their business AND life than they are right now…

What will you make possible?
"I've Completely Rewritten How We Get Paid"
“I’ve completely rewritten the way that we sell podcast sponsorships and who we align ourselves with. This has been completely game-changing for me and my business. I’m building deep relationships that stand the test of time and economic conditions. I can now be incredibly intentional about where I put my focus and how I spend my energy. These are exponential partnerships with exponential opportunities. Kathryn, your friendship, your leadership, this platform that you've created has allowed people to step into their genius, and sometimes it's an uncomfortable process. But with your hand holding and your amazing team, this is something that's possible and attainable.”

harry duran, podcaster and podcast agency owner

people now say, "I can trust you with millions of dollars"
“You know, Kathryn, you've made this impression on me ever since we met. I used to not care so much about how I showed up, my brand, my appearance, my team - because I was great at what I do. But watching you, working with you and your company, and listening to everything you say, it always struck me as: I can trust you with my money, I can trust you with millions of dollars. You’ve changed me. I now show up that way, as does everyone in our team. I want our clients and partners to be able to look at us and go: “yeah, I can trust him with a million of dollars of mine.” Thank you.”

jim padilla, high ticket agency owner and investor

"working with you has been such a relief"
“Kathryn, you were such a pivotal person in my life to really open my eyes to the fact that the way that it had always been was not the way it needed to be for me. It was quite shocking when I first came across you, and just thought, “Oh, my goodness, this is like she is saying exactly what I didn't know how to say or articulate”, but felt inside of me, obviously, and I haven't seen anybody else putting that into words, let alone that they have a proven system and results. But the thing that was amazing beyond just being able to work with you as a client was just the realization that I was being called at a supremely high level and it was accessible. I was able to make the things I dreamed of most of all happen with such flow and ease."

katrina ruth, high performance coach and author

"Find the Resources to Hire This Team NOW!"
“I'm an intellectual property and technology lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, but I'm also a business mentor and certified coach. I don't know a lot of lawyers who do what I'm doing, providing legal services to my clients in a way that also draws on my business expertise and coaching experience. Kathryn has used her unique genius to help me define and amplify my personal brand in strategic ways that felt totally authentic to me. She’s helping me leverage my talents to achieve at the highest level, and her entire team is packed with world-class experts who always go the extra mile for me. After just a few months of working with them, I can already see tons of amazing press and phenomenal results coming in. If you know you can achieve more but need support, do not hesitate; hire this team! They’re the best in the business.” 


"I changed a lot of people’s lives, but my bank account didn’t show it… until I met Kathryn!"
"I had changed a lot of people’s lives, but my bank account didn’t show it. Kathryn and her program were the missing pieces. In just a few months I’ve gotten all the value back from the program. Ironically, I coach other people in ways similar to what Kathryn coaches on, but I found I can't coach myself!

I’ve worked with some of the top marketers in the world, such as Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk… and Kathryn and her team deliver as much, if not more value.

If you're somebody who can say “I do awesome work” … “I do great things” … “I know I‘m meant to do more to fulfill my destiny to live an actualized life, and the thing that’s holding me back is… myself” then you need the right guidance. You need great coaching. You need the greatness that Kathryn and her team can help you achieve."


"If you see yourself as an icon, then find a way to work with kathryn."
“As a transformational coach, my inspiration is to get people to exactly where they think they get to be in and beyond. I teach radically awesome people to access the part of themselves that can change anything in an instant. But strangely, when it came to opportunities and sales, I was only creating great results intermittently.

This work has completely transformed how I approach everything I do, and it shows. I show up as myself, completely, and the opportunities just follow. Just 7 minutes after I completed a recent talk, I had 17 people book on my calendar immediately. An hour and a half later, I had 35 bookings, and there were only 57 people live in the room!


"All My Dreams Coming True"
“I came across Kathryn because I was going through Facebook searching for people I wanted to work with. Kathryn popped up and I thought, ‘Oh wow, this chick’s on fire!’ But I wasn’t brave enough to reach out to her for about five months.

At the time, I was already running a multiple six-figure business and selling at a premium level, though I was hovering more around the $30K mark for individual clients. Yet I found myself thinking, “Damn I need to work with Kathryn. She’s clearly my next step.” I sat there watching other people’s testimonies, poring over every case study she had … and then when I finally got on a call with her I was SO ready to go.

My life’s work is serving my community and teaching people how to access this amazing spiritual experience that we all have available, so I knew if I wanted to be taken seriously in my industry at the luxury level, I needed to up my game. Kathryn made that possible for me. And I mean I sold my first premium offer at $55,000 within a few days, and six months into the program I got my first $100K client. The mindset piece was so massive because I just didn’t think anyone would pay me that much … but that first $100K offer came so easily, I couldn’t believe it!

Icons has done their part but I’ve also had to do mine. If you’re lazy and don’t do the work, this path won’t work for you. But if you’re the right type of person, and you have that commitment, vision, mission, and drive, Kathryn and her team will 100% transform your business.” 


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